Freebie Friday! Calcifer Plush

Make this cute little Calcifer plush on the blog today! So sweet you might just give him your heart ^0^

I’m bringing back the Ghibli fanart! I’ve been wanting to make something Howl’s Moving Castle themed for a while, and I finally decided to take action after reading the original bookand rewatching the Ghibli film. It was a real treat doing that, because I thought the book really complemented the movie. They had their differences, but they worked together in ways that made them both better, which…

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Freebie Friday! Furoshiki Casserole Carrier

Have a lot of odd-shaped pans you bring to pot lucks? Maybe you need a furoshiki casserole carrier like me! Get the free pattern here!

The patchwork is back again! Just as I warned :B As for this particular project, well, I’ve been in denial about it, but I finally admitted that I need a casserole carrier. The problem was I have a few options to carry food and pans to friends’ homes, an insulated grocery bag, a few totes, etc., but none of them actually worked! I have kind of a ragtag collection of pans, some larger than 9” x…

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Freebie Friday! Gato Bag

An old-school RPG-inspired messenger bag pattern for my best friend (aliensleftmeheretodie is on the blog today :D Be like Lucca and make a Gato bag!


Okay, I have to admit this project is a little obscure XD It’s a present for my amazingly talented best friend; she loves Chrono Trigger, especially the character Lucca. In the game, Lucca creates a robot called Gato (Gonzalez in the Japanese version) Since Lucca already carries around a blue bag, my friend came up with the design to make it Gato themed instead x3 I imagine she’ll probably use…

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New Freebie for September!

Get this free taiyaki plush pattern when you sign up for updates to my blog or share your project photos all through September!

Hello everyone!

September’s just begun, and I have to say it couldn’t come soon enough after the muggy and sweltering Florida summer over here x3 I’m very much looking forward to autumn, especially since my semi-hiatus has ended and I’m able to post more often :D As you might have seen from what I’ve been posting, I’m currently working on bringing down my stash of quilting cottons, so be prepared…

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Freebie Friday! Ruffled Pouch Pattern

New free sewing pattern today! Make a cute little pouch with a ruffled bottom!

If you’ve been to this blog more than a few times you might already know the main reason why I post all these free tutorials; I’m desperately trying to bring down my fabric stash! Earlier in 2013 I tackled my stash of heavyweight fabrics, and now I’ve moved onto my quilting cottons. Which means only one thing: patchwork! So a lot of the projects I have planned to post over the next few months…

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Freebie Friday! Avatar Four Nation Trays

I’m back, baby! Time for a new free tutorial, A:TLA-style! Learn how to make some helpful appliqued trays ♥

Hey everyone! I’m back!


Oh, yes :D After about 8 months of semi-hiatus, I’m finally back with more updates to the site! That is, back doing the thing that started me blogging in the first place: using up my scraps! In January of 2013 I realized my stash of fabrics weren’t doing me any favors and I finally needed to start chipping away at them, so I’ve been making little projects here and there…

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A new book! Craft Projects for Minecraft® and Pixel Art Fans!

I have a new book to share! Craft Projects for Minecraft® and Pixel Art Fans! Check it out if you’re into easy projects with 8-bit goodness!

Craft Projects for Minecraft® and Pixel Art Fans: 15 Fun, Easy-to-Make Projects

I’m back again with more of the fruits of my semi-hiatus! Another project I’ve been working on while I’ve been so inactive this year is this fun book inspired by the awesome stuff of Minecraft®! It’s been up for sale for a little bit now, but I wanted to be sure to share it here when it was on Amazon with the full “Lo…

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I so want to make one for myself ♥

I so want to make one for myself ♥

New Freebie for August!

Get a free square watermelon plush sewing pattern when you share photos of your creations in August!

Hi everyone out there in internet land!

It’s August already, so it’s time for a little update on how things have been ^-^ Looking back, I can’t believe so much of the year has passed already. Needless to say, I’ve been away on this semi-hiatus of sorts, only posting about once or twice a month, and that’s been due to all the books I’ve been writing! I’ve let you know about Bling it Up!already,…

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The Sailor Scout, Fantasy RPG set!